This page features an 'audio essay', a new concept with which we experimented in our audio production course this year. The aim was to apply principles drawn from qualitative social research methodology to a reflective discussion of our experiences of putting together audio documentaries. At the bottom of the page, there is an explanation of the relationship between my own approach to the practice of producing audio documentaries and principles drawn from qualitative social research methodology. The right hand panel lists concept drawn from social research that I find of value to my own practice. In the main panel, I present a series of radio talks reflecting on different aspects of my experience of producing an audio documentary. Each talk draws on the theoretical concepts that I discuss on the page. By listening to the talks and studying the text, listeners \ readers will hopefully find that theory and practice comes together into a meaningful whole.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Clip 1

This clip deals with the aspect of qualitative research that played an important role in informing my documentary process.

Clip 2

This clip highlights my journey from the field to a complete paper edit.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Clip 3

This final clip deals with my eventual move from paper edit to working with sound and the challenges this process poses.

My Philosophy

Qualitative research plays a large role in the production of audio documentaries. Quality refers to the essential character of something (Kvale, S pp 67). Numbers and statistics fall by the way side in the domain of qualitative research, and interviews, letters, emails, notes and lived experiences are highlighted as the way forward in understanding. For documentarists, qualitative research is used primarily by way of interviewing. Through the interview process, conversation is encouraged which is key in getting to know people, their experiences, feelings and their knowledge on a particular subject. (Kvale, S pp 5) Kvale highlights various aspects of the qualitative research procedure, some of which apply to my documentary process.